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Has there been a phase 1 habitat survey done by a qualified ecological consultant to identify if there are any flora or fauna of high ecological value eg bats, badgers,great crested newts. If not is this something that will be carried out?

Bodicote at Risk Answer

Gladman Developments employed FCPR to perform a Phase 1 Habitat Survey. An initial survey was done in May 2013, with a subsequent update in May 2015.

FCPR – ‘Ecological Appraisal, 2015’ for Gladman Developments can be viewed here –

Click to access 08155006.pdf

Point 7.0 APPENDIX A – BOTANICAL SPECIES LISTS identifies a non exhaustive list of all flora present in each habitat type.

Records of Protected Species through Desk Study and Field Survey include  – Common Pipistrelle, Pipistrelle Bat, West European Hedgehog, Badger, Grass Snake, Common Toad, Common Swift, White-letter Hairstreak Butterfly, Small Heath Butterfly, and a Brown Hare.

The document concludes with the following –


6.1 Designated sites will not be adversely impacted by the proposed development, with none in the vicinity of the site. The Saltway, an adjacent proposed Local Wildlife Site, will also be unaffected being suited to withstand additional footfall and with connectivity with its hedgerows retained. The Saltway is also to be buffered from built development, adding to the width of this locally important open space. The site does not support any notable plant species or habitats, except for hedgerows, which will largely be retained and incorporated into the development layout. Where loss is unavoidable this will be mitigated with the planting of replacement and additional native hedgerows appropriate to the local area.

6.2 Mitigation has been recommended that will prevent harm to bats and breeding birds and proposed habitat retention will prevent harm to and retain connectivity for hedgehog, common herptiles and brown hare that may be present on the site.

Oxfordshire County Council in their document –


‘ The District Council should be seeking the advice of their in-house ecologist who can advise them on this application. In addition, the following guidance document on Biodiversity & Planning in Oxfordshire combines planning policy with information about wildlife sites, habitats and species to help identify where biodiversity should be protected. The guidance also gives advice on opportunities for enhancing biodiversity: ‘ 

Ecologist Planner, Tamsin Atley, 25th August 2015 

Natural England responded 7th August, 2015.

No objection was raised to ‘Statutory nature conservation sites’. And they have not assessed the application or associated documents for impacts on protected species. Their response can be viewed here –  

Click to access 08166526.pdf

As of today, 24th October 2015, there are currently no other documents on the Planning Portal regarding Habitat or Ecological Surveys. These documents are checked regularly and if there are any more updates I will be sure to let you know.








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