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Comment from Lynell on May 26, 2019

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I/We OPPOSE the new development

Lynell, Mairbach
1 0
Comment from Kirby on March 13, 2019

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I/We OPPOSE the new development

Kirby, L'alzoni
0 0
Comment from on July 21, 2017

Response to ‘Need homes’

I suspect you live in Longford Park. Let’s get to a few facts. Cherwell has to deliver 7000+ new homes. Bodicote has taken 1070 new houses for Longford Park, 100 at Cotefield, 280 planned by Gladman, plus another 700 on the cards by the rugby club = more than it’s fair share! I’m glad you enjoy riding your bicycle. I feel my children can’t cycle safely on our unsafe roads such as the congested White Post Road. Bodicote had a population of 2126 people in 2011. All these new houses don’t represent a fair proportional share of Cherwell’s housing allocation. In short Bodicote has been lumbered. Coupled with this, the current Longford Park (3 years after people have moved in) has few facilities- a substandard playground and a school yet to open. I find it deeply hypocritical that these people are now looking for support from Bodicote since 700 houses have been announced on land close to the rugby club. You can’t buy a house built on open fields and then climb on your high horse when the fields next to you get built over. In short, Bodicote as a village is finished. Our house will be going on the market shortly.

I/We OPPOSE the new development

, Bodicote
1 0
Comment from on January 30, 2017

Need homes

It’s not our fault the population is growing. I don’t if it’s Bodicote or Banbury. I cycle so my legs say it’s Bodicote. I love the people of Bodicote and Banbury alike. Call it what you want. It will have it’s own shops which I guess people from across the main road will use. It will have it’s own school and 3-4 playing parks. I’ve waited all my life to get on the property ladder. Here I am. For my family.
Things change, it’s called progression.
A long time ago none of our homes were here. Now they are.

I/We APPROVE the new development

4 2
Comment from on August 9, 2016

link road very much needed

as mr washbourn said this new road will become a rat run i agree there but wykham lane where i live is one now to me the sooner they get this new road done the better close our lane and give acsess to farm traffic onto new road up near farm

I/We APPROVE the new development

1 0
Comment from on May 10, 2016

What do you expect…??

Mass immigration means Britain’s population has been growing twice as fast as the rest of Europe for the last decade. The sad reality is people need somewhere to live. What is happening in Bodicote is happening up and down the UK. Sadly I suspect this development will go ahead regardless of our efforts. The only long term solution is to vote for Brexit.

I/We OPPOSE the new development

4 6
Comment from Dawn Rogers, Bodicote on March 28, 2016

The Development is in Bodicote, NOT Banbury

I am strongly opposed to yet another development in Bodicote. Bodicote will soon absorbed by Banbury and lose its identity as a village entirely. The spine road also causes great concern, especially for the village children attending Bishop Loveday School. The road will have a major impact on the safety of our children.
Developers, – Look elsewhere!

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Dawn Rogers, Bodicote, Bodicote
4 5
Comment from Pam on March 26, 2016


What Bodicote is expected to accept is totally out of order! Extra pollution, noise and a danger to young school children and also people with health problems. There is no forward thinking with this plan and is just a quick fix to immediately solve a problem which will be replaced by umpteen others! I will be living right next to this road and my health will be severely affected by this plan and I’m absolutely disgusted as people’s needs in Bodicote are obviously not taken into consideration atall! Years ago this used to be a lovely quiet village so what does the future hold now! It’s all down to money and a quick fix!

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Pam, Bodicote
2 7
Comment from Hannah Scrimgeour on March 25, 2016

Utter Madness!

A spine road eventually connecting up to the M40, (linking the A4260 Oxford Road and the A361 Bloxham Road) emptying out in front of the primary school’s Early Years entrance? An accident waiting to happen. What on earth??!

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Hannah Scrimgeour, Bodicote
5 3
Comment from Ann Brown on February 29, 2016

No more houses in Bodicote/Banbury

Its not just too many houses being built what about all the extra cars on the road. At certain times of the day Banbury us almost at a standstill now. With all the extra houses already being built the amount of traffic that is going to ensue doesnt even bear thinking about. There’s nowhere to build any more roads so where are all the cars going to go. Imaginecwhat Banbury is going to be like in another 10 years. The word “gridlock” comes to mind.

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Ann Brown, Banbury
7 4
Comment from on December 7, 2015

Danger to school

As the proposed spine road access on White post road is opposite Bishop Loveday primary school, there will be an increase in traffic. This will raise the probability of a accident.
The area is already busy at school drop off and pick up times.
I understand from the meeting I attended that the traffic survey was carried out during school half term, as a result the traffic survey carried out at this time is not a true representation of the daily traffic flow around the school.

I/We OPPOSE the new development

, Banbury
5 1
Comment from Clare on November 29, 2015

Too many new builds engulfing the village

I/We OPPOSE the new development

6 2
Comment from Lucinda Hart on October 29, 2015

Stop making Bodicote a Suburb of Banbury – we are a village!

I’m horrified at the extent of planning CDC wants to inflict on Bodicote. The village is just that a village and as such should remain surrounded by greenfield land….not built on to the point of bursting and made into a suburb of Banbury.

The village does not need hundreds of new houses and there is not the infrastructure in place to handle the demand of hundreds of new people.

Its time CDC stood up and said no to over developing the local countryside….Oxfordshire is a green and beautiful area, lets keep our villages that way.

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Lucinda Hart, Bodicote
14 8
Comment from Adam edwards on October 29, 2015

keep Bodicote a village

We have only just moved into the village, and that is what we want to live in – a village. Our green spaces are precious and should be protected, not become sprawling housing estates. From what I can see, the infrastructure of Bodicote will not cope with this development

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Adam edwards, bodicote
18 3
Comment from Nikki Hughes on October 22, 2015

Build somewhere more SENSIBLE…..please!

This proposed Gladman development will clearly have a HUGE negative impact on all of our lives. These plans should not be allowed to go ahead and we will certainly do anything we possibly can to stop this development progressing and destroying our quality of life.

There are well over 1,000 houses currently being built around Bodicote, plus there are hundreds being built just over a mile down the road in Adderbury. The need for the suggested additional 280 houses in Bodicote (yes, they are in Bodicote, not Banbury!) seems ludicrous.

With the addition of the new link road, this will bring utter chaos into an already busy and dangerous area right by a primary school……..Is someone just wanting a disaster to happen before anyone listens to us?!

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Nikki Hughes,
20 5
Comment from Roberto & Lisa Russo on October 19, 2015


Despite living in Bodicote we have been unable to get our daughter into the Bodicote school, we instead drive past the school each day (through the ridiculous level of traffic outside Bishop Loveday) and take her to the Grange in Cherwell Heights. Even if she was to be placed on the continued interest list for a place we have been told that two people from her year group would need to leave as her year group is already oversubscribed by one child and that there will be others on the waiting list who may also take priority. We are now left wondering what the possibilities will be of getting our now ten month old daughter a place in Bishop Loveday or the Grange when she turns five with the added housing which will be closer to both schools than where our home is situated. Maybe we will be forced towards Adderbury … again the school is always forced to turn away applications due to over-subscription and there are further housing developments around Adderbury.
We assume we are to hope for a place in the planned primary school in Longford Park?! This is certainly not a situation we ever expected to be in when we moved to this little village. God only knows what fun we will have to face with secondary school placements.

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Roberto & Lisa Russo,
24 0
Comment from Jean Vasey on October 18, 2015

Salt Way Developement

Ido not live in Bodicote but Salt Way is just across the road from me and I have walked my dogs there for 14 years. I have written a strongly worded letter to Mr Westerman giving him many perfectly valid reasons why building should not take place there. I wish you the best of luck and I think approaching Victoria Prentis is a very good idea. Jean Vasey

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Jean Vasey, Banbury
18 1
Comment from Eddie Mawle on October 13, 2015

Enough Development

Let’s hope local councillors see sense with this as usual it seems to be a case of build stacks of houses with no real thought or consideration for poor infrastructure and the chaos this causes. Bodicote clearly has already had extensive development with Longford Park and now the Cotefield site. Further development in Bodicote is a big issue for the people living in the village – Decisions on these things are what usually cause local councillors to either keep or lose their jobs on polling day.

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Eddie Mawle, Bodicote
24 1
Comment from emma murdoxh on October 6, 2015

please no.more

I have only lived in Bodicote for 11 years during which time I have loved being in a village, a place I chose to being up my family, over the last few years have watched a various parts get destroyed I can no longer walk my dogs in the nice scenic way I did, family walks are a discussion on what wildlife we had that has been driven away and destroyed, of course I want homes for my children to live in when they are older but this new development will just just join what should be a village into.more of a town an extension to Banbury please don’t ruin what little countryside we have, take away our family walk areas, make our kids grown up.surrounded by houses with no place and enjoy their only chance of freedom that money just can not buy. I object strongly to this new development and please if I can do.anything.more than just voice my family’s objection let me know

I/We OPPOSE the new development

emma murdoxh, bodicote
28 1
Comment from Adam Hewins on September 27, 2015

Banbury Landgrab!

The proposed development by Gladman for 280+ houses is clearly in Bodicote Parish, it is NOT in Banbury. This proposal is in line with Cherwell District Council Local Plan as identified as Banbury 17, and yet Bodicote has no housing allocation formally identified. Of the approximately 750 houses that have to be built to rural areas under the Local Plan, Bodicote has already been forced to accept 95 on the Cotefield site, despite objections from local residents and the Parish Council – we have already had our fair share!

Bodicote is a Category 1 village, and according to CDC’s own policy, as such there should only be minor development and infill, yet the whole of Gladman’s proposed site is in Bodicote Parish.

This development will add to the traffic chaos that is White Post Road, emptying outside the primary school. However, the additional traffic from this housing development will be nothing compared to the mass of traffic that can be expected when the proposed Spine Road is constructed linking this development with the various other developments all along the south side of Salt Way stretching from White Post Road to the A361 Bloxham Road.

And how widely known is it that the huge Longford Park development, although built in Bodicote, will be subject to a parish boundary move in 2016 instigated by CDC and will move to Banbury authority? This was fought by Bodicote Parish Council and local residents but these views were over-ruled by CDC.

CDC also propose relocating Banbury FC to land currently within Bodicote Parish, and building a new secondary school adjacent to this. Should these plans go ahead there will be one field of open land left separating Banbury sprawl from Twyford. Not forgetting of course that Bankside Phase 2 will fill the gap between Longford Park and the outskirts of Banbury along Bankside.
Should CDC get their way then Bodicote will be engulfed by Banbury. How long before the adjacent villages face the same threat? Enough is enough!

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Adam Hewins, Bodicote
39 2
Comment from Ginny Fox on September 26, 2015


As with all the comments given so far, it is totally unreasonable for the council to even consider further housing developments around the Bodicote Area. We have had to endure the unsightly house development at Longford Park. It is totally unreasonable to expect the village of Bodicote to absorb more housing when allocations have already been given at Cotefield for 180+ houses.

This new development must not be allowed to go ahead. I will be there in front of that digger!

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Ginny Fox, Bodicote
36 3
Comment from Claire Watmore on September 25, 2015

Enough is Enough

I am at a loss as to why CDC is entertaining the idea of building on yet another greenfield site and one that falls so closely to the recent Longfield & Spitfire sites. The area is becoming saturated with additional housing but no additional infrastructure to cope. Bodicote is in grave danger of loosing more of it’s village and just becoming an extension of Banbury loosing its character, look and feel.

Its about time the council started acting on behalf of the community not the fat cats that will prosper from this.

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Claire Watmore, Banbury
35 2
Comment from John Washburn on September 25, 2015

A road too far

The plan to join up the estate roads to form a single spine road linking Bloxham Road to White Post Road will form a “rat run” for those wishing to reach the Oxford Road without going into town, and vice versa, so adding to the traffic chaos and raising danger levels in the vicinity of the village school.
These new houses, like those at Longford Park, will eventually be swallowed up by Banbury and further erode the rural setting of the Doomsday Book village.

I/We OPPOSE the new development

John Washburn, Banbury
37 3
Comment from Janet Curr on September 25, 2015

White Post Rd

Enough is enough. Bodicote has already had it’s fair share of new houses. It’s time for all councillors to realise this is one step too far and not allow this development. Perhaps this is not on their own doorstep.

I/We OPPOSE the new development

Janet Curr, Bodicote
33 2
Comment from David Foreman on September 25, 2015

The Development is not in Banbury!!!

This is yet another development for Banbury that is within the Parish of Bodicote. The village will soon be engulfed by the town unless we all do something to stop it.

I/We OPPOSE the new development

David Foreman, Bodicote
39 3

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