Response to ‘Need homes’

Posted in: Public Comments | Posted on: July 21, 2017

I suspect you live in Longford Park. Let’s get to a few facts. Cherwell has to deliver 7000+ new homes. Bodicote has taken 1070 new houses for Longford Park, 100 at Cotefield, 280 planned by Gladman, plus another 700 on the cards by the rugby club = more than it’s fair share! I’m glad you enjoy riding your bicycle. I feel my children can’t cycle safely on our unsafe roads such as the congested White Post Road. Bodicote had a population of 2126 people in 2011. All these new houses don’t represent a fair proportional share of Cherwell’s housing allocation. In short Bodicote has been lumbered. Coupled with this, the current Longford Park (3 years after people have moved in) has few facilities- a substandard playground and a school yet to open. I find it deeply hypocritical that these people are now looking for support from Bodicote since 700 houses have been announced on land close to the rugby club. You can’t buy a house built on open fields and then climb on your high horse when the fields next to you get built over. In short, Bodicote as a village is finished. Our house will be going on the market shortly.