The Approach

This is a development that is being done for profit, not the need for new homes.

The text below is taken from the Gladman website.

Gladman state in their propaganda:

Gladman Developments recognise its responsibility to respect the character and needs of the existing community, as well as providing housing for new and existing residents. We are also fully committed to delivering additional benefits to Banbury and Bodicote wherever possible. As such please do tell us if there are any community facilities that you would like to see improved or developed as part of this scheme.

With the help of our consultant team, we are formulating our proposals to deliver a high quality, low density housing scheme. Throughout the process each member of the team provide their specialist advice and input to ensure that the design of the site responds positively to its surroundings, taking into account any constraints.

In reality:

Gladman take a proactive approach to strategic land, focusing on optimising the value of potential residential development land. Our in-depth knowledge of the complex and rapidly evolving planning system makes us the ideal partner for landowners keen to promote their land’s potential.

We partner with landowners who are looking to obtain residential consent, at minimal risk and in a short timescale.

We obtain residential planning consents on edge of town greenfield sites and use our expertise and financial resources to proactively promote the sites and secure planning permission.

We seek to secure planning permission quickly – think 14 months not 10 years.

You can read more on their site

Gladman operate on a no-win, no-fee basis which means they operate in an extremely fast-track and aggressive manner, aiming to minimise their costs and maximise their profits.